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Show Results:

Cleo wins Winners bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opp
for a 4 point major on Sunday, March 20, 2005 in Houston Texas.
  Judge:  Mr Norton Moore  Handlers:  Bridgett Coffey, Lisa
Pictured to the Right

September 24, 2005:  Cleo wins WB/BOS for 2 points at the
FWKC show.  Judge:  Mr Robert Vandiver
Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

October 15, 2005:  Cleo wins WB/BOS for 1 point at the TTKC
show in Canton, Texas.
Judge:  Mr Adrian Woodfork Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

December10, 2005:  WB/BOS for 1 point at the Conroe Kennel
Club show in Navasota, Tx
Judge:  Mrs Illona Chu  Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

December 11, 2005:  WB/BOS for 1 point at the Conroe Kennel
Club Show in Navasota, TX
Judge:  Mr Jon Cole  Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

December 17, 2005:  WB/BOW/BOS for 1 point at Elk City, Ok.  
Judge:  Mrs Wanda Spediacci  Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

December 18, 2005:  WB/BOS for 1 point at Elk City, OK.
Judge:  Mr Ralph "Sonny" Ambrosio  Handler:  Bridgett Coffey

March 19, 2006:  WB/BOS for a 3 point major at Brazoria Kennel
Club (Houston Texas).  (pictured right)
Judge:  Mr Robert Vandiver  Handler:  Rebecca Gear

April 24, 2006:  WB/BOS for 1 point at the D'Arbonne Kennel
Club to finish her AKC Championship.
Judge:  Mr Haverstock Handler:  Lisa Coffey
Updated on September 5, 2012
Sire:  CH. Kikapoo's Dragonheart 'LiRic "Drago" OFA Excellent
Dam:  CH. Stardust Got MusicNMe 'LiRic "Music" OFA Good
D.O.B.:  October 28, 2003 - September 5, 2012
Breeders:  Lisa Coffey, Rick & Teresa Witte
Owners:  Lisa Coffey & Bridgett Coffey
Cleo was never bred.
Cleo 6 weeks
Cleo 8 weeks old.
"Cleo" pictured at 5 months old.
"Cleo" at 15 weeks of age.