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Updated on February 3, 2012
From Brio's very first Group placement as a 20 month old adolescent (handled by
Bridgett) in 2004 until currently being a BIS winner and ranking in the Top 10 Akitas,
Breed and All-breed, we are extremely thrilled with his show career.  More importantly
we are proud of his temperment and personality as he shows to people what Akitas should  
and can be,
a loving and companionable Akita.

Brio ended 2005 ranked in the Top 20 Akitas (Breed System) with extremely limited

2006 Update:
Brio is now a BEST IN SHOW winner!!!!
2006 Show Results & Picture Gallery

Brio is having a FANTASTIC year!
He is currently ranked in the Top Ten Akitas in Breed and All-breed (2006).
In August, he has picked up 4 Group placements, alone!!!

All show pictures can be seen on the Show Picture Gallery page, link below:
Brio winning BEST IN SHOW!!!
Judge :  Mrs Suzanne Dillin, who also gave Brio's sire "SkyRider" one of his Best In Show wins!!!
Professionally Presented by Rebecca Gear

Brio is our First Best In Show winner, and we couldn't be more proud of him!