CH. Kikapoo's Dragonheart 'LiRic
"Drago" is my second champion and third
showdog.    I handled him to all his points
(except the last major) including a 5point major
at a specialty weekend.    His last 4 pointmajor
he was handled by handler Jim Tilford at a
specialty weekend and the next day was BOS
over several top ranked, multi group placing and
winning, AOM Specials.
We were very thrilled.

Drago is now a Multi Best of Breed winner,
CH. LiRic Kikapoo Coor's Cutter
"Cutter" is my third champion but more exciting my
FIRST HOMEBRED CHAMPION.  I handled him to his
4 point major as a 13 month old puppy at a specialty
weekend.  Unfortunately due to my own health issues
at that time,  I had to inlist the help of a handler and
Jim Tilford did an excellent job obtaining "Cutters"
second 4 point major by winning BOB over top ranked
Specials from the classes
(Pictured above practicing at a match after
a year taken off to mature).

Cutter is now neutered and living in Dallas as a couch
Shichi-LiRic Bo's Fifth OPR
"BO" is shown here winning Reserve
Winners dog at the first LSAC
Specialty.  Bo was only thirteen
months old and this was his very first
show.  I am proud to be his
breeder-handler. "Bo" has 4 points,
however he is the RESERVE KING
when it comes to majors.  I feel this
is largely in part to his markings.

Bo now lives in California.
Kikapoo's Lucky Charm

"Charm" is a very sweet girl.  I did breeder-owner
handle her from the bred-by class for quite some
time managing to put her first three point major
and several singles on her.  Along the way she won
BOS over a AOM winning and Group placing bitch
CH. Stardust Got MusicNMe 'LiRic
"Music" is my fourth champion and first bitch champion.
 She hopefully will be my foundation bitch....time will
tell.  I ownerhandled Music to all her points and her
first major....her co-owner/breeder and my good friend
Teresa Witte handled her for her last majo
LiRic's Fire N'Desire
"Dezi" is shown here with Bridgett,
my daughter.  Bridgett is 'Dezi's
primary handler and is shown here
winning BOS.  Keep an eye out for
Bridgett and Dezi in the rings to
finish her championship.
LiRic Akitas                                  Lisa & Richard Coffey                                    Tyler, Texas

Updated on September 5, 2012
Ziggo Zoo TR
I handled "Ziggo" for his owners, Jeanette Baca
and Shawn Toombs,  several times, putting his
first major on him and a few singles.  "Ziggo" is
shown here being examined at the Houston Reliant
Shows in July 2002.

Ziggo is now neutered and living the life of riley
on a ranch near Houston.
CH. Stardust Pride N My Stride Kudos
Here I am handling Strider at the Reliant Series
of dogshows in Houston Texas in July 2002.  I
handled Strider a few times putting one major on
her.  Strider is littersister to our girl "Music".
Owners:  Donna Bennett, Liberty Akitas
Co-owners:  R & T Witte, Stardust Akitas
CH. Shichi's Nomo No-No 'LiRic, CGC
"Mo" was our first show akita and FIRST
CHAMPION.  I learned alot with him, however he
was a "pushbutton" show dog...born to show with a
natural show attitude.  Basically he made me look
good...LOL.  I owner handled him to back-to-back
three point majors and he also earned a Group 2
from the classes, ALL owner handled.  He is the one
that hooked me on DogShows.
Shichi-LiRic Miz Fancy Pants
"Tushka" was our second show akita.  She also was a
natural showman (girl) though a little more laided
back than her half brother "Mo".  Her first points
were at just barely 6 months of age.  She was a lot
of fun, unfortunately we were not able to finish her
as she came down with an autoimmune disease where
she lost all her pigment before we could get that last
major on her.
Stardust RedSky At Night 'LiRic
"Sky Jr"

Bridgett handled Sky Jr to his first
points, a 3 point major, at the Calcasieau
Kennel Club show on June 7, 2003.  Here
she is shown handling him in the Working
Puppy Group Competition against top
handlers with awesome puppy competition
to go on to Win a Working Puppy Group
ONE!!  Congrats to Bridgett and Sky Jr.
Breed Judge:  Mrs Judy Doniere
Group Judge:  Mr Houston Clark